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You’re on a trolley in San Francisco. You see a bomb ticking down with 3 seconds left. There are 17 other people on the trolley with you. Do you jump on the bomb and absorb the explosion saving everyone else, knowing you’ll die, or do you jump off and save yourself.

Chris: Jump off the trolley. There’s no certainty that when I jump on the bomb I’m going to save anyone

You can be sure

I’d still jump off

How many people would it take to jump on the bomb?

I dont think I’d put myself in this situation

What if you were? How many people

It would have to be people close to me

What about Kate Upton

What benefits would I get after? I’m the random idiot who saved kate upton and didnt get any benefit

Who’s your hero? Warren Buffet?

He’s not my hero. Mentor maybe.

Okay would you jump on it for him?

No it would have to be a family member or someone close.

Even still, why wouldnt they jump on it for me…? haha

Why cant I just yell “GET OFF THE TROLLEY”





Dharitri: I’d… I’d jump off and save myself. Wait. If I jump on the bomb I die right?



So you think you’re more important than 17 people?

No but it’s survival instincts

I might say I want to save 17 people but I’d always save myself because that’s our instinct

Would you save your family?

Yes. That I’d do.

Anyone else?


Gary: San Francisco…is filled with… well go on.

Why cant they jump off the trolley with me?

To tell you the truth I’d just jump off the train

Who wouldnt you jump off the train for?

In all reality I’d stay on the train  I wouldnt want to have to deal with the reporters and all those people.

Actually I would because I’d be more comfortable with people ready to die.

It’s like rollercoasters  If I see a 6 year old in line and I’m shaking, I look at him and go “If he can do it, so can I”. If this coaster goes off the tracks, so is the 6 year old.

 I’d just find the hottest girl on the train.

3 seconds of joy.

3 seconds of final happiness.

Moe: How powerful is this bomb?

It will kill 17 people

But if I step off, do I have enough time to escape the explosion?>

Are you worried about getting hurt?

I would escape the explosion

You think you’re more important than 17 people?

It just makes sense

If you jump on it its going through you.

How strong do you think your body is?

I’m just asking you.


In the moment you would jump off.


Anyone that you would jump on it for?



Neil DeGrasse Tyson